Elisa Masha


A great Safari is with great a company, as the founder of Faraona Expedition, my dream is to create an epic Safari with unique experiences that would shape Tanzania Tourism to higher levels. Its my passion as a mentor, Experienced Safari Operator and Tourism consultant, I ventured in this industry my dedication to Nature and conserve my environment and giving back to my community as it has devoted its beauty and splendor that we all share.  Karibu Sana Tanzania.

Isaack Philemon


Karibu - Tanzania, A Safari starts with step, sharing this experience with my community  as your leading guides changes all perspective, the tales of our ancient land passed down from generation to generation, different cultures in Africa will share stories and myths this is my gift to you. I bid you a warm welcome to Tanzania.



I have had the pleasure to visit Tanzania many times. I love traveling around the world and I have to admit that having done a safari with Faraona Expeditions has been one of my best experiences ever. As Masha says, a great company leads to a great safari. Since the very first moment, I completely fell in love with this country, its people and its nature. I have always worked with people and in the tourism sector, and being a member of this great team fulfills me a lot.

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King Peterson


My Passion for Art as a curator , I welcome you all to the Lands of Tanzania different tales can be portrayed through Arts and Artifacts forged by different cultures Faraona Expedition has granted me an opportunity to experience and share my passion for art as a designer and marketing Personnel. Travel with Faraona and Experience the ancient art and Rock paintings.


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