Walking Safaris
Located 63 km north of Mto wa Mbu on the way to Oldonyo Lengai and Lake Natron is one of Tanzania’s most important historic sites, Engaruka. Some 500 years ago, a farming community of several thousand people developed an ingenious irrigation and cultivation system. For unknown reasons, the farmers left Engaruka around 1700. Many questions remain unanswered: who were the people living in Engaruka, how did they come to develop such an ingenious farming system and why did they finally leave Engaruka? This tour may provide some answers to these questions.


Day Trips
Mountain climbing enthusiasts will be advised to visit the home and memorial of the late Yohano Lauwo, a Marangu and native who accompanied Dr. Hans Meyer to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in 1889.
You can also learn about the Chagga (the tribe of Kilimanjaro) culture by visiting a traditional Chagga house. You can visit the Chief Mangi area where the very first court and primary school of the Northern region evolved and are still today functioning. You will be able to pass historical sites of clan wars where the Chagga used large caves to conceal themselves when invaded by Maasai.


Horse Riding
Kilo Bravo, Kaskazi’s horse base is in USA River /Maji Ya Chai, only 45 minutes drive from Arusha Town. The ride takes place on Dolly Estate and whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced rider, there is an opportunity and experience for everyone. Those with little riding experience can enjoy a gentle hack along dusty tracks where wildebeest and antelopes graze contentedly. Led by experienced guides, one can explore the meandering paths, spotting a rich array of wildlife along your way. Regularly seen on Dolly estate is one of the most elegant mammals found in Tanzania, the Gerenuk.