Most frequent questions and answers

Faraona Expeditions is committed to providing a high-class service that our clients will be completely satisfied with. With our highly qualified mountain guides, Faraona Expeditions ensures visitors experience a lifetime adventure while climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, enjoying amazing wildebeest migration in Serengeti National Park, or taking a beach holiday in the white sands of Zanzibar. Our main goal is to provide everyone that comes on a trip with us a fascinating and memorable experience.

We are a local organization that is concerned with porter rights, as well as being Eco-friendly. We are also very concerned about safety.

At sunrise, after a bowl of porridge, some toast, fried egg and sausages, it’s another beautiful day to start your walk/ride.

Dinner will start with a fresh soup either made of carrot, cucumber, pumpkin or vegetable followed by a main course and some fruit. Later on you will have either a hot cup of tea, energy drink, hot chocolate or coffee.

All diets can be accommodated. Please just give us advance notice.

You can either bring your own sleeping bag or hire one. The tent is already included in the price, but if you bring your own, we will lower the price by $30.

It is important to follow park regulations. Normally, the guide should keep a distance of at least 25 meters from the animals; however, some animals actually come near vehicles or stay close to the tracks. It is a good idea to bring binoculars to see animals that are further in the distance.

Your safari driver or mountain guide will tell you the plan for the next day every evening after dinner.

What are the tipping guidelines? (2012)
Chief Guide: $25 per day
Assistant Guide: $20 per day
Cook: $15 per day
Porter: $8 to $10 per day
Safari driver: $20 to $25 per day

Tips are much appreciated. They tell the guides how much you appreciate their help during the trip. Tips should not be dependent on whether you summit, but rather whether your guides were professional and had your best interests in mind.

If your guides and porters have not met your expectations please inform Faraona Expeditions at the office immediately and do not feel obligated to give a tip. If anyone presses you for a tip during your trek, inform Faraona Expeditions as well, as this is against company policy.

Give tips depending on your satisfaction. Tips can go hire or low; these are not our fixed guidelines. Feel free to discuss tips with your guide one night before the end of your trip. The head guide can give advice on tipping for other members of the group.

You can land at either Kilimanjaro International Airport (45 km from Arusha) or Mwalimu Nyerere Airport (Dar es salaam) or Nairobi International Airport.

Yes, you can arrange the transport with us. We offer Airport Transfers.

It is suggested that clients have their own traveler’s insurance. There is rescue on Mt. Kilimanjaro, but it does not include medical services, only stretcher service from the mountain base all the way down, and after rescue, ambulance to the hospital. We do everything we can to ensure your safety and health, but we cannot be held responsible. Please organize your insurance from home.

Please contact us for details on how to send money through the bank.

Booking for any tour you would like to do with us should be made at least 2 weeks before the start date. Doing this will enable us to make preparations, especially for places like Marangu route (which offers hut facilities) and lodge safari.